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Surprise! Balboa Park Surprise Proposal | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Capturing a proposal makes me feel like I’m on a secret mission.  There’s SO much to coordinate- times, places, hiding spots, how the girl will be led to the spot, which way they need to turn, and so many other factors!  I become a jumble of nerves and excitement, so I cannot imagine with the guy is feeling!

Getting to capture this particular happiest day (so far) in this gorgeous girl’s life was incredibly special, because I have known and loved her since she was a teenager. I was thrilled when her amazing fiancé called me and we devised this plan.  Jared is a true champ, because the weather this weekend decided to throw a giant wrench in all plans, and he came up with THREE contingencies:  No Rain Plan A, Mild Rain Plan B, then Full Rain Plan C.  I was so impressed with his planning. We texted pictures and location details nonstop and then, magically,  the skies quieted for one hour and we got to run with Plan A, in the Alcazar Gardens at Balboa Park.  When he dropped to his knee, I burst into tears (while snapping furiously!)  So many people looked on and erupted into cheers after they had their moment of tears and kissing and laughing and he jumped up and yelled, “She said YES!”  (I burst into tears for the hundredth time then too)

Enjoy these photos, and her surprise, and their sweetness.  It made for the greatest rainy day I’ve had in some time!  Way to go, Jared!  SO stealth!

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