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Gigi Turns 9! | Special Event Photography | Friendly Pines Camp | Prescott, AZ

If you ever had a fantastic summer camp experience (like Girl Scouts 1990 or church camp all of junior high or outdoor ed in 8th grade!!!), then you are going to be super duper jealous of the ninth birthday our Little Miss Gigi just had!   Imagine 40+ of your best friends on a double length party bus headed up to the beautiful pines of Prescott, AZ where the entire Friendly Pines Camp has been revamped, made over, glammed up, and turned into Camp Gigi!   These girls had the GREATEST time doing everything from horseback riding to archery to zip lining to you name it!!  I was honored to be a part of Gigi Turning 8 last year (did you miss it?  CLICK) and I was doubly honored to get to return for age 9!  You sure know how to throw a party Gigi and crew!

Coordination and General Wizardry (every single detail!!!!) | Your Heart’s Desire 

Campsite | Friendly Pines

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