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Boudoir Marathon Recap! | Phoenix Boudoir Photographer

I don’t even have WORDS for how amazing this boudoir marathon was in July!!!!

First off….no one could ask for more beautiful subjects to photograph, and no one could ask for prettier lighting in a shoot!   Believe it or not, the nerves these girls all had before their shoots were VERY REAL.  I heard, “I’m not photogenic! I need to lose 10 pounds! I don’t know how to pose!” over and over again…and really?  REALLY????  Have you ever seen a more gorgeous bunch of women????  I sure haven’t.  I felt so honored to capture these moments, and the thank yous I’ve received from the husbands/boyfriends/etc since this day have made me very happy to have the job I have!

Any time you get to show someone just how lovely they are, it’s a good day.

(I’m just posting a few here, but please know that the files you’re not seeing would make your jaw drop with stunning hotness!)

cathy (52 of 83) susie (4 of 7) copy tiff (4 of 1)-2 copy Tiffany (128 of 158) cathy (39 of 83) Susie (37 of 89) emily (107 of 116) Tiffany (29 of 158) cathy (44 of 83) Jenna (36 of 102) Susie (9 of 89) Tiffany (11 of 158)


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