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Buying a home in a rural area of San Diego County with 2 acres of land, mostly a hill that is a our backyard, has been WAYYYYYYY different than anywhere I’ve lived before, and the amount of work that has gone into it so far has been major.  Major and really fun and really rewarding and really exciting and really showing me how much I do not know about things like….everything outdoors.   I’ve never been more aware of my City Mouse status than these last couple months.  Building a fence, tilling land, learning to weed gardens, these are all really new to me.  My hands have never been so dirty, but surprisingly I am LOVING it.  (OK, I bought gloves because I really don’t love the dirt in my nails)

Growing up in Phoenix, you don’t see a lot of vegetation and I’ve realized this month,  spring arrives in tiny patches of colors.   Our hill has been gray and dead since we moved in December, and today  I noticed lots and lots of it is changing and I feel like I’m Mary Lennox (look it up) wandering around my own home discovering so many pretty things!  Today I learned that lavender smells even more amazing when you have tons and tons of it, bees agree with me on that point, and turning too quickly while holding a camera could mean you’re going to tumble down the hill.

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